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Sheer Eyes

Sheer Eyes Composition: Polynucleotide- 2mg/ml Syringe volume: 1.1ml* 1syringe/box Needle size: 32g Storage: 1-30°C Injection interval: 10 ~15 days


GOURI Collagen Biostimulator is the world’s first 100% liquid PCL (polycaprolactone) injectable treatment. GOURI works wonders by stimulating your skin’s


Rejuran Skin Boosters, derived from purified polynucleotides (PN) sourced from Salmon DNA, offer safe injectables with excellent biocompatibility. With potent

Rejuran Tone-Up Booster

  Rejuran Tone-Up Booster Composition: Vial I – TRA Solution (C-PDRN, Hyaruronic Acid,Panthenol) Vial II – Toning Solution (Ascorbic Aicd,Glutachione,Tranexamic

Belleera R15

Belleera R15 Healthy skin is always ideal skin. The secret to having attractive, glowing, and healthy skin is in the


The effects of using EXOVENA:
  • Shrinks pores
  • Improvement of skin elasticity
  • Reduces redness and acne
  • Increasing the production of collagen
  • Skin regeneration, particularly for skin that is sensitive and inflammatory.
  • Reduces skin pigmentation problems and evens out skin tone


Product Description: Category: Medical Devices, Facial Care, Other Facial Care, Beauty Devices Brand Name: ASCE+ Keywords: Skin booster, Skin solution, Exosomes, Package Contains: • 1 vial with 20 mg lyophilized powder • 1 vial with 5ml activator Store: 2 ℃ - 8 ℃

Revs PRO32

Revs PRO32 is the ultimate skin booster for intense hydration and revitalization. Packed with 64mg of hyaluronic acid (HA), it


REJURAN HEALER Product info: Product name: Rejuran Healer Composition: Polynucleotides 2% (Salmon DNA, PN ) - only one ingredient Category: Other Facial Care, Other Health Care Products Keywords: filler, skin recovery, salmon dna, rejuran Brand name: Rejuran Volume: 2 ml Duration: 12 months Shelf life: 24 months Packing: 2syringe, 2 ml Storage: 2~25

Dermaheal Dark circle

What you get in the package: • 1 ampoule x 1.5 ml of the product Composition: • Oligopeptide-34: reduces melanin synthesis by blocking the transfer of melanin bodies to keratinocytes, is responsible for skin hydration • Oligopeptide-24: reduces wrinkles by influencing cell proliferation • Decapeptide-4: strengthens elasticity, affects the synthesis of elastin and collagen, improves protein metabolism, reduces insulin resistance, supports burning and breaking down fat, and is responsible for smoothing the skin.


AQUASHINE Product info: Ingredients: Hyaluronic acid (15mg/ml), 4 peptides, 24 amino acids, 14 vitamins, 8 minerals, and a coenzyme Product Name: Aquashine Classic Category: Other Beauty Equipment Keywords: Injection, pdrn , aquashine

Kiara Reju

Kiara Reju Product info: Product name: Kiara Reju Product Composition: HA 20 mg/ml, PDRN 5 mg/ml, Niacinamide 1 mg/ml Category: Other Beauty Equipment Keywords: Anti-wrinkle, moisture, pdrn, skin booter Application part: Dermis, epidermis Volume: 2.2 ml Duration: 12 months Shelf life: 24 months Packing: 3 syringes × 2.2 ml in pack Storage: 2~25